Real-Time Production Manager/Supervisor VR

Neutral Digital for Qatar Airways

Client Neutral Digital /Qatar Airways

Digital Twin Project

Manage and Supervise 3D Artists/Technical Artists working in Unreal, Max, Maya and blender to produce Models, materials and lighting of environments, props and characters for VR experience and web 360 mobile optimised content.

Break down 3d needs for project: 3x Aircraft interiors, DOHA International Airport, Metahuman Characters. Task and distribute in house and outsourced freelancers, manage asset creation pipeline, quality in line with reference, feedback to the team meaningful actionable on improvements in line with budget and standards needed. client feedback amends implementation

Hands on Photogrammetry Shoot coordination and supervision, shoot, colour correction, optimisation and materials. Advanced materials, Lighting, metahuman rigging, Lips sync via live link iclone Metahuman and VO integration.

Support marketing requests and FIFA World Cup advertising – in flight delight game.

Support brand inclusion guidelines and asset conversion for real time for Qatar Duty Free.

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