Real-Time Production Manager VR

Neutral Digital for Qatar Airways

Client Neutral Digital /Qatar Airways

Digital Twin Project

Awards: FTE Airline Pioneer Award


  • Art Direction supporting the Creative Directors vision
  • Break down 3d needs for project: 3x Aircraft interiors, DOHA International Airport, Metahuman Characters.
  • Task and distribute in house and outsourced freelancers
  • Mentor Team members as needed
  • Client feedback amends
  • Deck creation for approval and pitching

Hands on

  • Advanced materials
  • Lighting
  • Metahuman Rigging
  • Lips sync via live link iclone
  • Metahuman and VO integration
  • Photogrammetry
    • Shoot coordination and supervision
    • Colour correction
    • Optimisation and materials.

Support marketing requests and FIFA World Cup advertising – in flight delight game.

Support brand inclusion guidelines and asset conversion for real time for Qatar Duty Free.

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